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Getting to know a client is an essential part of designing an interior that is a functional space  that also reflects the personality of the individual(s) that occupy that space. Each project begins with a Design Consultation, where we discuss not only the project requirements, but also the client's design preferences and lifestyle. 

When designing an office space, we always have to balance the corporate brand with the individual client.  In this project, the client owns a financial services company which kept us on the more conservative side of design. This company has established long-term relationships with their clients, often spanning generations.  We decided to build on the theme of family by incorporating vintage family photographs into our design. The company founder provided us family photographs from the two sides to his family ~ a family run grocery business started in Toronto during the early part of the 1920's and a family of baseball players dated from the 1930's and 1940's. The original photographs were small and some images were in very poor condition. We worked with the creative team at Elevator Digital to rephotograph, touch up and enlarge the images to create our gallery wall. 

Each photograph tells a story ~ stories about family, hard work, commitment and success. 


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